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Synopsis/Sinopsis Rosalinda GMA

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Rosalinda follows the tale of a simple, cheerful and stunning young florist named Rosalinda Perez (Carla Abellana). She will meet the handsome and wealthy lawyer Fernando Jose (Geoff Eigenmann) whose snobbish personality will soon melt after falling in love with Rosalinda.

The relationship was met with resentment and jealousy by Fernando's arrogant mother, Dona Valeria (Sheryl Cruz) and Rosalinda's envious sister Fedra (Katrina Halili). Despite these objections, Fernando Jose and Rosalinda tied the knot and set out to raise their own family.

But just as Rosalinda and Fernando Jose thought everything was going smoothly, the dark secret of the past started to cast a dim shadow in the relationship. It was then revealed that Rosalinda's incarcerated mother, Soledad (Glydel Mercado) was the one being accused of killing Fernando Jose's father.

This revelation threatens to tear apart the fairytale-like union of Fernando Jose and Rosalinda.


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